Piega C10 Limited, Anyone Know About These Spkrs?

I'm considering a speaker upgrade and my short list includes Wilson Sophia, Revel Studio and Piega C10 Limited. All around $7K - $9K on the used market.

My amplification is Krell 450Mcx in a large family room with a 2-story ceiling and not many walls for bass reinforcement. The Wilson & Revel are rear ported designs. The Piega is not rear ported.

Can anyone offer suggestions and info on the C10's?
It sounds like you haven't heard the C10s. I heard them once at the NY Hilton Stereophile show a few years ago. They were dynamite.

However, if you're spending that much, you should hear them all to determine your own preference.

i own the c-10 ltds and they are superb.i too have a large room ..24 x 18 x 24'peaked ceiling.the krell should be a good match for them.the 4ohm load should be no problem.the bass is great and the mids and highs are superb with the ribbons.i have heard the wilsons and the revels' and ..imo..the piega is much superior.they are a very natural sounding speaker...good luck
I almost purchased a used pair of C-10's about a year ago. Be aware that the C-10's went through a manufacturing change that increased the sensitivity and made them easier to drive last January. The model number does not reflect this. So be sure of which version you are purchasing. Also the company has recently restructured their dealer structure.

I have never heard the Piega's but have heard great things about them.

Does Piega have a USA Importer at this time? Audigons MFG list does not show any at this time. I guess this would only be a problem if service or parts were needed. I suppose direct contact could be made with Piega for parts etc. Personaly no current dealer network would make me cautious.
Yes, they do have a distributor AFAIK. Check with David Lewis Audio in Phily. He is a dealer.