Pin declaration of balanced input / output XLR

I need assistance in some clarification;

I tried a pair of MBL's 9008 A mono blocks in my system recently and did not like the sound. I had them hooked-up to my Audio Research Ref3 pre in balanced configuration, XLR. When I pushed the button on my remote "INVERT" I preferred the sound.

I just recently found out that MBL's XLR inputs pins are differently configured then my AR.

Pin 2 on the MBL XLR is Inverting and on my AR it is Non-inverting.

By pushing the "INVERT" button on my pre is this correcting this phase issue properly.

I asked about just swapping the cables and was told this would not work properly.

My understanding is to correct this I should just have an IC with one end which would be connected to the amp re-terminated. Swap Pin 2 which is Inverting to Pin 3 which is Inverting, is this correct.

I would assume the MBL pre-amp XLR outputs would be the same then so if connecting to any non MBL gear you would need to do this also or you run into phase issues.

Sounds like the inverting button does the trick for you. Flipping 2 and 3 at one end of the XLR ought to accomplish the same thing.
Rockvirgo, are you confident that by me pushing the "Invert" button on my pre corrects this and does not mess up other pieces connected.

This is what my concern is.

I know if I was to have one end changed on my IC that would correct but it's a bit expense to do when I'm not even sure if I like the amps.

Any other thoughts.
Either option achieves the same end, and neither messes up other pieces of gear. Pushing the invert button is cheaper.
Thanks, I just was not 100 per cent sure regarding pushing in the "INVERT" button worked accordingly.
Dev, I think you will find that the invert switch does not do what you want all the time- the reason for this is that about half of all recordings made are out of phase. There is absolutely no reason for concern about the equipment with the switch in either position.

FWIW, the industry standard for XLRs is: Pin 1 ground, pin 2 non-inverting, pin 3 inverting.