Pinnacle PN6+ Speakers and Sub

I need a little help please. I have on loan to a friend some Pinnacle PN6+ speakers along with the non-powered sub. It's a nice little set-up that I bought back in the late 1980's along with a Sony STR GX-60ES receiver. I have all of the original boxes, manuals, and literature and I would conservatively rate them 7/10 for age. They've been pampered. Long story short, he wants to buy the speakers and receiver (also 7/10). What should I be asking? Thanks.
If he's a good friend, gift it to him or let him take you and your lady out for dinner.

A bit more seriously, Audiogon has the PN6+ and several Pinnacle subs in their bluebook, and not the Sony STR GX-60ES but one similar. If you're not registered yet it isn't much, it helps out some hard-working folks at A-gon, and you can check it (as well as lots more!) out for yourself.

Also, maybe your similar post over at Audiokarma has yielded some info.
Thank you for your response. Yes, it was the very beginnings of the audio bug back in the day as you probably guessed. I do need to sign up for bluebook as I have the proverbial closet to clean out. Trust me, it's time!! That said, he insists on paying so I hope to send him down the path of no return...if you know what I mean!