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Burning CDs of downloaded music
@sealegs, Nice job of posting and responding to everyone.  Glad you have your issue resolved.  
Burning CDs of downloaded music
With your goal being to have a demo set of songs for auditioning at stereo shops, do you have a PC with a disk drive?  Then download DBPoweramp free version, or full version trial free for 21 days, and rip your CD tracks to Flac lossless files on ... 
Streamer software, what do you use?
--Well I meant to talk about software that was at least a little independent from hardware-- Erik,  I'm having good results with Audirvāna which manages streams from Qboz, Tidal, and my own library into essentially my Ayre Acoustics DAC and ampl... 
seeking advise please on my short list for new speakers? (15k budget)
As a Canadian, consider home-produced Paradigm Personas. 3F, 5F, and 7F's are options within your budget.  
Portable external ssd drive as a music source
Let us know how that works out.  
Tidal music subscription
Apologies.  I just noticed your country of origin so the above likely will not apply. Good luck in resolving this.   
Tidal music subscription
Not sure where you are located, but if in the USA, this may give you an "end run" on the problem.  Buy this offer for discounted Tidal at Best Buy, for $120 per year and bypass the issue.   Here is a blurb from another forum, with link to the off... 
Lumin U2 mini vs Mac laptop sound test
@johnah5 ,   By chance, what software and setup are you running on your Mac Air?  
Suggestions for Phono Preamp
"Good luck with the PS Audio Stellar. Darrin Myers, who designed the Stellar Phono recently left PS Audio for Parasound, great engineer, and it seems PS Audio is liquidating their stock of this preamp, and assume they have no plan to continue its ... 
Can This Really Matter?
@goofyfoot, "does the cheap USB running between between the SSD and into the Bryston really matter?" I'm also running Ayre QB-9 TWENTY, and noticed a very significant improvement when switching out from a Belkin USB cable to Cardas Clear.  Not v... 
Best DAC for iPhone - Volvo Car Play Connection?
+1 Glennewdick Check out the Audioquest Dragonfly line, notably Dragonfly Red. The form factor is ideal for what you are doing.  Plug it in to a Lightning-to-USB converter.  The Tidal app on your iPhone will recognize the Dragonfly and treat it a... 
Elac PPA-2 hum trouble.
Great!  - Mind sharing what solved it for you?   Inquiring minds want to know....  
Best turntable under $4000
@cpdkee, I own the Clearaudio Concept Wood and am having a great experience with it.  If you decide to go this route, I strongly recommend the Satisfy Carbon tonearm option.  Also, if the phono preamp built into your excellent Rogue Audio Cronus ... 
Best sounding low power (under 80watts) Class AB amp?
Ayre Acoustics AX-7E, hands down great amplifier.  
Audio Research I/50 integrated?
Hey @mtbiker29 ,  Just an fyi, There’s a new-in-box VSi 75 posted now in Agon for 6K, full warranty. Sandstone