Pipe Dreams

The only reason I have a tuner is to listen to public radio. Here in Houston we are blessed with the excellent KUHT and every Sunday night there is a program called "Pipe Dreams" which originates in Minnesota. I never imagined I would enjoy pipe organ music until I stumbled upon this program. Does anyone else have any favorite programs on the airwaves, public or commercial, that they would like to share?
Here in Cleveland, we also get the syndicated program, "Pipe Dreams". It's a great program, and I sometimes get to listen to it in the car, but I don't have a "real" tuner in my two-channel system.
On one of the local classical stations (WCLV, which is also available on the web at www.wclv.com, I believe) is a local program that plays music of living composers--mostly from our area. The program is appropriately called, "Not the Dead, White, Male Composers' Hour". It is a great opportunity to hear contemporary works that one might not hear elsewhere. About 30% of it is utter crap, but there is often some very exciting music.
I enjoy "Hearts of Space" It comes on after "Pipe Dreams" on Sunday night from Atlanta. And I leave the radio on all night every night on the classical NPR station. I let the news wake me in the morning.
World Cafe, Take Five, Front Porch, Live on Jive .....all the best local radio in our area is public not to mention Morning Edition and All Things Considered. You can have Garrison Keillor over in Minnesota too who occasionally has some good traitional music on his show. Pat Donohue, his regular guitar player and former National Finger Picking Champ, is worth a listen if you ever get the chance.

It's funding drive time here so time to send in my check.