Pittsburgh, PA

I am interested in getting together with others, periodically, to listen to music, discuss music and systems and to exchange tips/advice on set-ups, etc.

With the lack of audiophile equipment retailers in the Pittsburgh area, an audio group would provide an opportunity to audition and listen to various brands of equipment.

All musical interests welcome as well as systems; both digital and analog.

There has been plenty for sale on the AGON marketplace from folks located in the Pittsburgh area and I run across plenty of vinyl enthusiasts when I trek to The Attic, Soundcat Records, Desolation Row and Mindcure Records. There is definitely a scene in Pittsburgh.

Meets can be monthly with a different host each month. I am open for suggestions...



Turntable: VPI Scout 1.1
Cartridge: Soundsmith Zephyr MKII
Amplifier: Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum
(2) 12AX7 Amperex Holland Made - NOS (1960s)
(3) 12AU7 RCA Clear Top - NOS (1960s)
(4) KT120 Tung-Sol - NS
Speakers: Zu Audio Soul MKII
Cables: Zu Audio Mission