Plasmas and reliability problems above 6000 ft alt

All, I live in Colorado at about 6700 feet. I have been told, at least a few years ago, that plasmas burn out prematurely at higher altitudes and in particular, above 6000 ft. Maybe it was a problem a few years back, but does anyone recall haering anything else about this? I want to buy a Pioneer plasma, but I need to know it will function fine with a normal lifespan before purchasing. Thanks a bunch!

check over at for a definative answer, but IIRC, that was "urban legend" along the same lines as "they need to be recharged with gas" after X years.
I recalling hearing about this issue a few years ago. A quick Google search yielded many pages of links to websites discussing the issue. I typed this into Google "Plasma TV Altitude problems". Here's a link to the search and a sample:,GGIE:2006-34,GGIE:en&q=plasma+tv+altitude+problems