Platinum Audio any info on them

I have a friend that wants to sell me a pair of Platinun audio reference 2's. I know that platinum went out of business awhile ago. Does anybody have any more info on these speakers? How do they compare with the big names now? What kind of parts do they use. What is a good price to pay for these. I was told that they were $8000.00 when they first came out and were dropped to $6500.00. Thanks in advance
I heard this brand at a local dealer, when they were available. They were excellent for the price. As too the current value, I'm not sure, but someone should be able to give you some good advice.
go to msn serch engine and put in Platinium Audio, there is a site/store out of Santa Rosa Cal (??) that was the sole liguidator of the remaining stock I believe. A person had a pair of their $5000 speakers for sale on Audioshopper about 4 months ago with some minor cabinent damage for $800 out of the Las Vegas area. From what I rememember, that page has some testimonials from people like memebers of the band "Yes" who used them in their studio.
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I tried to look them up but found nothing. Can you be a little more specific is to what the website is. Also which $5000.00 pair did you see? Was it the Quatro, Ref 1, or the Ref 2? Thanks again
I just did and it was item 12 on the search...well here is the address:


the speakers that I was looking at were the Quatros
that is

there is info on the Ref 1 and 2 there
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I think I remember seeing these a few months ago. I am looking more into the reference series. If you see anything on these let me know.
that is

there is info on the Ref 1 and 2 there
can anyone tell me how the quatrro sounded compared to the ref 2's. I like loud and alot of slam. ref 2's liked alot
and am curious. are 4 speakers louder than 2