Playback Edelweiss in the house

So, after a long wait my Playback Edelweiss MPS-6 just arrived.  This unit is the DAC and SACD Player in one and I have had the Stream X added.  It is not Roon Ready at this time but the streaming function via MConnect Controller worked just fine.  

Build quality is obviously brilliant.  Nice chassis with simple, understated displays.  SACD controls are on the remote and the top edge of the DAC.  The remote is metal and well constructed.  

They say that it will take 500 hours to break-in.  Out of the box, this is clearly an elite DAC with what feels like unprecedented levels of detail in my system.  I am connected via Digital Coax from my Nucleus+ through a Chord 2Go/2Yu (K50 is on loan).  

The plan over the next 4 weeks is to keep it running most of the time and do a variety of tests once fully broken in and a few tests on the way.

One will be the standard five songs from the DAC Shootout connected via USB but I will also plan to put it through its paces as an SACD Player, Streamer and DAC with the K50 as the source.  

With less than an hour on it, all I can say is HOLY CRAP this thing sounds good.  


Having not heard the Dream, I would have told you that the Edelweiss is the smoothest, most analog sounding DAC I have ever heard in my system.  No hard edges, no digital artifacts (or so I thought) just liquid, analog sound.

This is the limitation with's always in the context of what we've previously (and recently) had in our system (ideally). We think something is the best at whatever, and then something better comes along. Curious how the Nagra Tube DAC + separate PSU compares to the Dream DAC. Same digital designer (Koch), different power supply and analog output. I think it's amazing (as compared to the sound of live music) but...see limitation above.

By the way, not trying to be combative, just curious -- if the Dream is so good, why did the customer send it back? I assume it came down to a system matching preference.

@metaldetektor I don’t find your comments combative. I think they are valid.

I would love to heard the NAGRA and and BAT as both use Playback digital modules. I am not sure how they stack up but am a firm believer that power supplies matter and if not separate (Jadis) heavily isolated (playback) is essential for great performance.


the customer traded the Playback because he found it a hair thin and warm in his system. The Rockna is fuller and a hair more forward. The Playback is better in mine but that illustrates that even at this high level/price, system matching still matters. You can’t blindly buy expensive components and expect them to work together.

it is a stunningly good DAC in the right system. For someone who wants a touch of warmth and a very analog, smooth sound, it is amazing.


With the MPS-6 using an external streamer, do you find any one of the MPS-6 digital inputs better than others? Do Playback Designs dacs generally have a preferred digital input?

@kren0006 the best connection easily is the PLink but requires their player/streamer.  It has proven to be insanely popular.  I just ordered my sample and it is back ordered till September.

Assuming a non Playback streamer, I find USB is very good as it gives you full DSD support.  After that, I like AES.  

And cross-referencing to your dac thread, where did the MPS-6 or MPD-6 shake out for you in comparison to all of the others?  I think the dac and power supply and analog output stage in MPS-6 is identical to MPD-6 (only difference is CD transport included with MPS), but if that not correct please lmk, thank you.