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Floorstanding speaker experiences/recommendations in the $12-25k range
@soix fyi - Verity Audio has ceased operations, that’s why the pair is priced as it is   
750$ Intel NUC vs $6000 Aurender N200: I don't hear the difference
One technical point on the Plink / nagra link between the Playback streamer and the Nagra DAC. It’s not 100% compatible out of the box, a tweak needs to be implemented. Just saying this to manage expectations and to correct the record (if you read... 
750$ Intel NUC vs $6000 Aurender N200: I don't hear the difference
Nagra tube dac owner here. A few thoughts: 1. the digital part of the Nagra -- with its DSD upsampling -- does a lot of lifting. I would say server/streamer matching is much less important with the Nagra, than it is with other dacs I’ve used. 2.... 
Has anyone listened to or auditioned Verity's new Arindale speaker ?
Interested to hear an update as well. I have listened to the Arindal in a very well- sorted (and big money) system, sounded nice but reserved / polite. Didn’t find them super engaging but would love to hear them in my room and gear (not possible u... 
Stenheim Alumine 3 vs. Sonus Faber Amati G5
Used to own Stenheims, I’m not just going off reviews. The Magico comparison is off base. Incredible speaker, very little innate “sound” to them, meaning they sound like your electronics. With Mac and MSB, I expect that would be a very fine overa... 
DCS Bartok APEX or LINA and master clock
@designsfx we can only speculate, I suspect there’s something off putting about a company coming out with an upgrade option that expensive. Same thing happened with totaldac, saw an unusual number of those on the used market, when their latest upg... 
DAC Shootout Starts This Weekend
Thanks for the Weiss flagship impressions. What is the digital source again (the internal renderer, or an outboard piece)? Not sure if you have the Playback MPS-X, but it's pretty awesome outputting thru Plink into a Playback dac.  
Holo Spring DAC Warranty -- transferable?
I was told (second-hand, you may want to confirm yourself directly) that the warranty can transfer to a 2nd owner, but not to the 3rd, 4th, etc.  
Silver Speaker Cables
ArgentPur silver cables are excellent.  
DAC Under $3000
Based on your sonic priorities (clear, detailed, separation), look into a Weiss 205 (if you don't need the features of the 204). I would guess the "street" price for a NEW unit would be something like $1300. Based on my extended listening w/the bi... 
The best speaker cables you’ve had
Best I’ve had? Easily Black Cat Cable - Stargate. Sadly unobtanium at this point.  Paired with a few speakers that have 6-8ohm loads. Haven’t heard it with really high or low ohm loads.  
Grimm MU1 Streamer - Really "The Best"?
Hi @nyev - I don’t have anything to add to the Hifi Advice comparison of the Grimm and Playback Designs piece, other than to say it’s consistent with my experience. I’ve been using the Playback with a stock Roon Nucleus and I’ve been very happy wi... 
Contemplating DEVORE SPEAKERS (and others)....LONG audition report of many speakers
@donquichotte prof knows the 96 better than I do, I would just encourage you (if you do buy one) to buy one used at a good price for later resale if necessary (which shouldn’t be difficult, the Devores have a healthy secondary market). Reports of ... 
Contemplating DEVORE SPEAKERS (and others)....LONG audition report of many speakers
On the classic Spendors, always wonderful to read a speaker description from prof!   @donquichotte - if you want an upgrade within the same family of sound, the obvious thing would be to stay within the same BBC heritage family. I personally thi... 
Streamer/dac …. Organic/euphonic sound signature
Totaldac core plus streamer board…used, bit over budget if new