Playback Edelweiss in the house

So, after a long wait my Playback Edelweiss MPS-6 just arrived.  This unit is the DAC and SACD Player in one and I have had the Stream X added.  It is not Roon Ready at this time but the streaming function via MConnect Controller worked just fine.  

Build quality is obviously brilliant.  Nice chassis with simple, understated displays.  SACD controls are on the remote and the top edge of the DAC.  The remote is metal and well constructed.  

They say that it will take 500 hours to break-in.  Out of the box, this is clearly an elite DAC with what feels like unprecedented levels of detail in my system.  I am connected via Digital Coax from my Nucleus+ through a Chord 2Go/2Yu (K50 is on loan).  

The plan over the next 4 weeks is to keep it running most of the time and do a variety of tests once fully broken in and a few tests on the way.

One will be the standard five songs from the DAC Shootout connected via USB but I will also plan to put it through its paces as an SACD Player, Streamer and DAC with the K50 as the source.  

With less than an hour on it, all I can say is HOLY CRAP this thing sounds good.  


@lalitk I have an MPS-X demo on order. It is selling FAST. I have not heard it but folks who have are raving about it. Orders placed today aren’t getting fulfilled till September.

regarding software, it is a Roon endpoint only and does not have a computer in it to support a core. I recommend either an Antipodes S40 or K41 to go along with it depending on your budget.

You can use it as a true streamer with Mconnect. I would also expect JPLAY to work as well since it is UPnP/DLNA based. When I get mine in in September (I stupidly ordered mine recently) I will test JPLAY. The big advantage is the PLink connection which is obviously a high bandwidth optical connection.


Appreciate your quick reply. While it is disappointing to hear MPS-X as ROON end point only, it is still worth exploring with JPLAY app. I recently tested the app and came away impressed with its native and seamless integration of Qobuz. The app is well laid out and gets very close to my favorite, Conductor App. 

MConnect sucks in my opinion. I have tested it with EMM Labs DA2 + NS1 :-) 

interesting thread

seeking to one day purchase an endgame dac/streamer combo with only the Lumin X1 and Bartok shortlisted at the moment

CD/SACD capability is always a nice bonus (presuming no performance compromises elsewhere)