Playing two Bluetooth devices simultaneously from iPhone and/or MacBook

My oldest is going to college soon, and as a graduation gift I got him wireless computer speakers and a wireless sub just so he can kick everyone else’s ass in the dorm.  No prob synching them both up and they both play individually via Bluetooth, but we’re having a hard time figuring out how to get them both to play simultaneously.  I think he’s got an iPhone 11 and the MacBook is relatively new so thinking they should have this capability and hoping someone here who’s been through this already might have some helpful tips.  Thanks for any help!


@kota1 Sorry — good questions and I should’ve shared that info initially.  Here are the speakers/sub I got for him.  AFAIK he’s running Bluetooth 5 and iOS 13.1 or better but I’ll double check that as I believe both are required to be able to do this.

The sub links from the iPhone or MacBook through this…

And here’s the sub…


You need to connect the speakers and the sub to the bludento audio receiver and run everything from that, There is a delay with blutooth and you need to just use one endpoint. The sub has an RCA in and the speakers have an aux in. You need to use the RCA out of the bludento and get some y connectors that has both an RCA and a 3.5 mm connection.




@kota1 Thanks, and I’ll look into this.  But I was hoping to first figure out how to run two different Bluetooth connections at the same time from an iPhone, etc. and see how that works as it’d be the simplest solution.

@kota1 I’m giving your method a shot and like the idea of only having one transmitter.  Turns out all the BluDento outputs are active simultaneously so my plan is to keep running the RCA out to the sub and the 3.5mm output to the Edifier speakers (thankfully Edifier provided a 3.5mm cable).  Seems like this should work, but the devil’s always in the details with this stuff so 🤞🤞🤞.  Thanks again for your helpful suggestion, and I’ll let you know how it works out. 

I didn't see a 3.5mm output on the bluedento, only a coax out (digital).

@kota1 Dammit. Thanks and you’re correct, unfortunately. Nice catch. Looks like I’ll be trying an RCA splitter after all. Ugh.  Not sure why they’d provide a 3.5mm patch cord in this case — that’s what threw me. 

@kota1 Ha!  Interesting looking piece, but I took your initial wise advice and just ordered an RCA splitter that should solve all problems and will be here tomorrow (thank you Amazon Prime), and at $10 it’s a relatively cheap fix assuming it works of course. 

Great, would love to see a pic of the end result once its working

@kota1 Just wanted to follow up that your splitter idea worked perfectly, and I like that we’re only using the one transmitter.  Sorry I forgot to take a pic but really not much to look at.  Of course now that it’s working my son informs me today he’s not taking the sub to school, at least initially.  Damn kids.  Anyway, thanks again for all your help!

Thanks for letting me know, you should get another splitter and use that sub your son didn't take yourself until he is ready for it. Check my profile you'll see I use a Klipsch sub too, I find them very smooth, hard to localize, and a nice upgrade for music and movies.