Please HELP.....system hook configuration

I want to keep my two channel audio system intact.

Is it possible to have your audio preamp between your AV Processor and main left and right channel speakers? Wouldn't this leave your 2-channel audio system untouched?

Example: AV Processor output to surrounds and center channel to a three channel amp, the left and right main output to the tape input to your audio preamp. Audio output from your audio two channel amp to main left and right speakers. If you made certain that the volume level is always in the same position when using home theater, wouldn't volume levels remain constant after system setup?

If this would not work properly, can you please explain why, and if it would work, why don't more use this configuration instead of being so hung up on analog passthough. I do understand that with DVD-A and SACD this configuration would not work.

i do not understand. your av processer has 3 channel outs not 5? what is decoding your dolby 5.1 and breaking the signals into 5 seperate outs? what about the sub out .1?you might want to name the equipment and someone can help you further.

I have posted several times on this subject and use my two channel and HT system together, exactly the way you describe.

By returning my audiophile preamp to the same volume setting before each movie, my Dolby 5.1 processor controls my front (stereo speakers) at exactly the same ratio and volume as the HT speakers. My stereo system is playing "inside" the HT system, and it is possible to make them integrate successfully, while not damaging the quality of the stereo when the HT is off.

Best of all, the cables to the dedicated stereo system need never be unplugged or moved about. There is probably a superior way to do HT, but if two channel is your passion (as is mine), this is the only way for the two to survive together without harm to the dedicated music system.
Thanks Albert,

I figured that this setup has to work. I like you make 2-channel audio the number one priority. Before I made the purchase of an AV processor, I wanted to make sure that this setup would work.