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VPI Aries owners
i uses a 1.75 inch thick piece of granite (left overs from a stone company 20$). it made a big difference over the corian i used before.my unit is also suspended from the wall on a shelf.jim 
Strange Tonearm Tweak. Long
Twlcan you post a picture of this tweak?Jim 
Wyetech, thoughts comments on amp.
eralffcould you post your thoughts on these amps after you audition them??? 
Richard Gray 1200S, Hydra or ????
i have used rg400s one for each block (makes placing the amps closer to the speakers easier). It had a slight improvement in the sound. I found the rgs much better on the front end.I noticed what you were using for tubes....this is where you can m... 
Old Classic Receivers: A Mistake to Buy?
i dont know. i have an old nad 3020 and sumo charlie tuner in an office system (bought in college). it sounds very good. (i also have a mac 67; in my main system; and second the above postings).will the old receivers sound as good as new seperates... 
Cables 101 for a beginner
look into making your own. audio asylum and other sites. you will be able to match most everything in the 500 to 1k price range for very little money; time and expertise.jim 
shielded cables & IC's or not?
i like unshielded cables too. But no one has mentioned long runs. i have never had problems with short run ics but the long runs end up being a problem. 20 foot cables will usually bring in a radio station.fwiwJim 
Amp recommendations for Merlin VSM / TSM
i have used rogue 120s in triode and berning 270 (with vsm-ms). these are very different sounding amps. i am hooked on the otl sound (my personal tastes) i think what your are going to find is that the merlins will take on the amps characteristics... 
No interest in battery powered components?
i think your post would be better anwsered on audio asylum.I am looking into the regeneration of ac through a commercial unit. the kind that are used on very expensive computers. it will require less mods to my equipment and run the amp too.keep u... 
What should I upgrade next?
speakers. you might even take a years budget and buy some really good ones. you will never be able to detect the other chages in your system if the speakers cannot play it.imoJim 
NAD T761 or Denon AVR 3802 ?
I have a 3801. Picked it over the 760 nad for home theater because 7.1 and reviews (i have a very nice 2 channel system in a private room for music). I must say it is weak on music (i also have an old 3020 nad from my college days) but it does not... 
Nautilus owners upgrade to what?
i have listend to a lot of b&w's; big and small. they are not my cup of tea. then again i like coffee. let your ears be the judge. listen to all of the dealers speakers at your price point. then go to a few other dealers and listen to them too... 
phono preamp
smwdo you have any idea of what type of cart you are going to use? The low output mc's are nice but cost more to drive in a phono section. i might suggest an old arc sp6 or vtl that have mm phono sections. with the right tubes these are very nice ... 
Shelter 501 MkII ?
i have the shelter. the sound is rich and delicate. i have heard vdh frog a highend helicon and highend benz (all multi thousand dollar carts). they were all on different systems and not a true a-b. i liked the benz (it was also on a 100k system).... 
Why get an expensive tuner?Am I missing something?
drubin & myrajdo a search on this subject on the gon. all above are good posts but i have seen some very technical stuff that is quite intresting.in a nut shell...a good tuner is a very enjoyable source.good listening jim