Please Help T3F problems

I really Miss my Goldmund Studio/T3F

As soon as I turn the table on the toneearm drives straight to the spindle risking my Kouetsu Onyx cartridge. It did this to me years ago and I found that by repeatedly turning it off and on I eventually got it to work and I just left it turned on. That worked for awhile but now it will not come out of that mode.

I have a Krell, Apogee Fullrange, Suprateck system and cds just aren't cutting it.

If anyone has any experience with this, Id really appreciate any assistance 



Thanks in advance for any help




Actually you should not add mass to the Ittok headshell if you run the Koetsu Onyx on the Ittok.

I had a customer with Linn/Sumiko MDC800/Koetsu Onyx Gold - sounded superb.

The MDC800 is only 11g effective mass.

The Ittok LVII is 13.5g effective mass.

The Onyx is quite heavy at 12.5g, ( most of the Linn cartridges are around 7g ) and adding further mass to the Ittok headshell with the Onyx installed will degrade the sound. If anything you might need a heavier counterweight to optimise the sound by running the counterweight closer to the pivot.

So - if you want to run the Ittok/Onyx - just install as is.

Be careful, the Onyx bodies are easily cracked - do not do the bolts up too tight - just a gentle pinch.



Thanks Dover

Especially on installing the cartridge. The Linn rep once told me "there are three kinds of tight: theres tight, theres F_ _ _en tight and then there's Linn tight" 

Lol, the next cartridge I installed was a Grace cartridge and I crushed the body


Yeah Ivor was pretty funny. The Ittoks have "soft bearings" and they recommended taking the arm off to install a cartridge so the bearings don't get damaged. Now I know why. Actually the Ittok is underrated - it does work with a wide variety of cartridges, assuming it is in good condition.

Good point on the already heavy weight of a stone body Koetsu. I neglected to take that into account.