Please recommend decoupling footers for DAC

Hi everyone,

For context: my system (Horns, multi-amped, 105dB average sensitivity) is EXTREMELY revealing of tweaks, perturbations, brun in phenomenon, vibration control, etc. I do not wish to discuss the reality of the matter with the usual "it’s all in your head" crowd, to whom I would just say "come and listen, or just refrain from commenting".

I recently purchased a new (to me, it’s a second hand item) DAC: a Gustard X26Pro.

This DAC seems very sensitive to cables, power, and last but not least vibration control. To the point that, in my system, I’m currently struggling a bit.

Now I don’t own a high end rack, my audio sits on a rack made with IKEA "Lack" coffee tables. I have a "high end" rack that I recently purchased (Phil Design MV950) on a flea market, it is big and heavy and very rigid but the shelves are made of glass and I’m reluctant to use it because of that; it’s been sitting in a spare room ever since I bought it. Maybe I should give it a try.

In my current situation, every component I own sits on an IKEA aptitlig butcher block each with their specific combination of footers.

But with my new DAC, nothing seems to be "right there": I have NEVER owned a component that shows such dramatic differences between various decoupling or coupling footers.

Right now, I have it sitting on the IKEA bamboo slab, with three AliExpress copies of Finite Elements Ceraball in steel with ceramic balls, and under the bamboo are 4 "Audio Bastion" absorbers. A weight on the top to calm down the treble and yes, bass is phenomenal, precision as well; but it gets raspy sometimes and the whole thing looks like a wedding cake - which wouldn’t Bother me if it wouldn’t start to block the view from the TV behind (hidden behind the plaid).

Let me tell you, that DAC doesn’t sound good when sitting directly on the shelf.Not in my system always. Well, not good enough for me.

If someone would recommend me some footers that wouldn’t break the bank but would allow for a simpler set up and provide good balance And precision, I would happily try them. Maybe something from IsoAcoustics?... I don’t know.

Uisng horns, it can get too hot in the treble quite easily, but I can’t stand dull and slow either ^^

Thanks folks!


PS I would happily post pictures but I forgot how to do it...


I 2nd AV Roomservice. I'm using (3) EVPs under my tube dac with excellent results. I'll be ordering another set for my preamp. I don't have an audiophile rack either.

The bamboo block is probably as good as you can get - just stay away from glass or perspex!

I have found that the thickness of the bamboo is important - probably more than 1 inch would prduce too heavy a sound

I foiund by trial and eror that my tungsten footers work best NEXT to my preamp as so much was bouncing betweenthe preamp and base, and it "absorbed" that activity in the base, which was contributing some "rasp" that you refer to



I use herbies baby booties under my rega apollo r cd player and denafrips dac 


I tried a few different things but these gummie bear like things worked the best 


with nothing under those two bad things were happening