Plethora of Schumann Resonance Devices

Tried an Acoustic Revive RR-77 a few years ago and have been duly impressed. Since then Acoustic Revive has replaced it with the RR-777 and now the RR-888. Kemp has an SR-Plug. Space Technology Laboratory (Canada) has come out with four different models and there are several different units on E-BAY from Indonesia, Bulgaria, England, etc. There's even a unit from Less EMF being marketed by Sears.

I'm somewhat naturally skeptical, but there's no denying that this little RR-77 box has made the single biggest improvement in my system than any other tweak I've tried (and I have tried a bunch through the years).

So given all the new Schumann based products out there, I would be interested in what's working and what's not. The price range in my personal survey runs between about $70.00 to well over 3 grand. Any help in sorting these products out would be (as always) appreciated.

How can the Schumann wave even fit into a room since it's 26,000 miles long?  
ignore the haters. i bought an 888 on a lark and it worked but not as much as you describe. then i bought a $100 ebay linear power supply for it from china and its performance was 2x (at least), and now its indispensible. ---reports of greatly improved performance with something better than the stock power supply are wholly accurate and should be explored asap (any 12v 2a is fine, standard dc jack).
I’m actually an admirer of the Schumann frequency generator in terms of its ability to improve the sound. But I also question why it does so, I don’t really question that it does, too many positive reviews. Why does the device have to be placed about 5 feet high and why does isolating it mechanically apparently work? That’s not too much to ask, is it? And most importantly perhaps, how the heck does the stupid thing improve the sound? NASA supposedly used Schumann devices on the Shuttle to relax the astronauts in space if you read what many health and wellness sites claim but there actually seems to be no evidence of any such thing. Oh, and my original question how can a 26,000 mile long electromagnetic wave fit into the room, that would be the wavelength at 7.8 Hz. Finally, would those Schumann Frequency CDs that produce a 7.8 Hz acoustic wave in the room work as well?
I have an AR 777 on a linear supply in the front of my room and a 77 with stock supply in the back of the room. That combo works quite nicely in filling up my space. I tried three devices, but that made me feel a little "wonky."

IMO it's easy to dismiss these things, but everyone I've demoed them for has heard the difference they make. (Some have been more impressed than others, but they've ALL heard at least some improvement.)
In one listening room I use two Acoustic Revive 77 devices on the wall behind the speakers and one behind the listener. Height placement is critical and in my room I tried 5 feet and found that 6' 8" above the floor gave the best results. I also use upgraded power supplies. The sound is distorted  if the units are not exactly between the speakers.

A second room uses the Telos wave generator. It ia a slightly different wavelength with more midrange bloom and less effect on highest frequencies. It is used on a dedicated headphone system!

By far the most advanced Schuman wave type generator is the Synergistic Research Atmosphere unit. By using two generated wavelenghts and pulsing them on and off, the user can greatly effect the sound in his room. It has a remote control function thru an Apple I Pad.
A most elegant, fexible, and practicle way to optimize the listening experience.

And since I enjoy music in my Honda Mini Van, I have an Acoustic Revive 777 mounted next to the ceiling in the vehicle. It even improves the sound here.

If you are serious about investigating improving you system's sound, I strongly recommend trying a Synergistic Research Atmosphere unit .Of the three units, it is the most powerful and adjustable. It is sold with a 30 day return option. I have not seen a used unit come up for sale at Audiogon. 
David Pritchard

The Atmosphere is an interesting idea, but too costly for my blood. I know two people who've tried it. One returned it, and the other kept and really likes it, so who knows. Maybe I'll give the 30-day audition a try in the next several months.