Plinius 8150i vs Bow Tech. ZZ1 and Wazoo

Gentlemen,seeking advice, and or opinions regarding these integrated amps. I'm putting a system together for a small (12x14) deticated listening room.At this point,I only have a new pair of Proac 1sc and a midfi Sony DVD/CD Player. I listen mostly to acoustic music, folk and some older rock. Plinius and Bow Tech. are not available in my area, but became very interested after seeing these pieces listed on Audiogon and reading reviews. THANKS in advance for your response!
I have not heard the Plinius integrated, but do use the ZZ-One as my reference amp. It is exceptional--with a clear, open, yet warm sound. It uses only 7 active components in the signal path! The Wazoo, while not as capable of dynamic swing as the ZZ-One is a very musical amp as well. It would be hard to recommend just one without hearing them in your system, and I would caution you to carefully audition any used components that are no longer supported in the US. I have been very surprised by the way the small ZZ-One communicates more music than bigger more powerful amps. Highly recommended.
I'd advise that for the Proac 1sc you are better off with a tube integrated or tube separates. With s/s the 1sc sounds a bit thin, lesser body compared to tubes. I've heard the 1sc with the Electrocompaniet gear which are very warm sounding, I also heard them with the 8150i.. No luck. Good matches: Unison Research S6, Anthem Pre1L and Amp1. Good luck.
I own an 8150 and advise not to go with this unit, the build quality is poor and sonically its very hifi with bloated lazy mids. It has some slamm but its all hifi and one note bull! I never understood what people & reviewers heard in this unit to recommend it so highly, but then again I feel that way about 90% of the so called high end equipment costing thousands more constantly getting high marks. Good Luck!
try the pathos classic one - tube pre/solid-state amp integrated. has remote-control looks beautiful, too! retails for $2k, sometimes awailable used for close to $1k. cd's definitely need toobs. won't hurt w/proacs, either. douf
So Dkarmeli, why did you buy such a sorry sack of a unit? I've heard the Plinius and I thought it sounded very good indeed with a variety of speakers (although I'll grant that I heard the amp in a showroom)