Plinius noise with balanced cables

Hello gentlemen, I saw a post recently regarding some noise was experiencing with their Plinius and now I can't seem to find it.  I'll keep looking as it's no longer in my history.  Anyway, I'm experiencing some white noise with the balanced cables only, not the RCAs.  I'd like to use the balanced cables so I can also use RCAs into my headphone amp rather then having to keep disconnecting said RCAs.  I'll be bringing it in soon albeit I hate part with it.  I was hoping someone could shed some light on this in the meantime?

Thank you
It might be that Plinius is using an additional circuit to convert from balanced to single-ended. This is a common practice (not one I'm in love with...).  If the opamp associated with the conversion has gone noisy, that would certainly explain why you don't hear the noise on the RCA input.

Does it do it without the cables attached (no input, but set to balanced)?
What Plinius gear you have? CD player, DAC, Integrated or preamp?
Can you provide more info of you setup?
Sorry, I should have included the rest.  Wyred modes Sonos going into a amr dp-777.

I'll try with no cables set to balanced when I have a moment.  

Thank you for responding
OK. If you plug in the balanced cables, but don't have anything at the other end, do you get the noise?
I think the very high 38dB gain via XLR input of your Plinius SB301 could be the culprit, maybe insert a pair XLR to RCA adapter on the DP-777 balanced output, so you can have two sets of single ended output instead.
Well, no problem was found.  With no Sonos/no input there is still the noise.  I'm told with balanced cables since there is more circuitry there is going to be a little more noise but I have to put my ear to my tweeters to hear it.  

I'll learn to live with it.  
but I have to put my ear to my tweeters to hear it.  
If that is the only time you hear it then its no worries whatsoever.