Plinius SA 100 fuse

There was storm yesterday where I live. The power was knocking the power out and I turn off the system as fast as I can. When the storm subsided I turn on my system . My Plinius lead light inside were on, the blue light is still on but when I started playing , Sound is muffled. Amp did not smell burning. My question is ? Are the main inline  fuse are the same size the one inside the plinius. Main power is 10 amp slow blow, I need 4 fast blow inside rail.iam not interested in buying high end fuse, I am ok with regular ceramic one . Thank you


Lak I did received your response. I tried to reply but it won’t let me. So I thank you.

Anyway I open the plinius SA 100 indeed the fuse are 4  10 amps fast acting inside the amp. Open the top cover. You will see them.The main in line fuse outside below the IEC are 2 fuse 10 amp slow blow. All the fuses are in the same sizes. So those Plinius sa 100 owner this will help if ever you need to change fuse…