Polk 7, DCM Time Window, RTR Series 3, Larg Advent

I've picked these speakers up from an estate sale, can anyone give me a rundown on these?
I am familiar with the Polk and the Time Window. The Polk was a fairly well reviewed traditional box speaker. Typical Polk sound... full, warm.

The DCM Time WIndow was pretty popular in its day... a cylinder shaped floor stander that I briefly consider in the seventies (ended up getting Vandersteen 2). Really well-reviewed, imaged pretty well, looked beautiful. Competed generally with Vandies, Maggies, Merlins, and Dahlquists. I believe the Time WIndows went for around $800-1000 back then. I seem to recall they had two models, one called the 3a perhaps that was larger and more expensive?

DCM also made a second series of speakers called Time Frames. Don't know why... the Time Windows sounded better IMO. Seemed DCM later ran out of steam and went to traditional box speakers.
The Polk dates from the late 70s/early 80s, at a time when Polk was trying to position itself as the American Spendor. With that 8" passive radiator, it was about the smoothest bass you could buy for under $200 a side at the time.