Polk Audio LSiM 707's HiFI?

In the last dozen years I’ve swapped quite a few speakers from KEF, Klipsch, JBL, Wharfedale, Revel and more. My last quest ended with a pair of their top of the line LSiM 707’s for simple 2 channel listening. I really enjoy them and think they are acoustically wonderful. All speakers sound a little different and I’m not trying to start a bashing thread nor looking for advice or info on Polk forums. Just wondering if any of our audiophile members have them in their systems, strengths, weaknesses, etc.?
I had the 703’s for a short while. They sounded really good. They shined with classical instruments and I really loved how they reproduced piano: very natural sounding. Also, I love ring radiator tweeters. I was first turned on to them with the Polk LSi9 and later on the LSi7. I ultimately returned them only because I already have a really nice pair of handmade bookshelf speakers that are comparable, and I reinvested the 703 money into a 2nd subwoofer.