Polk LSI 9 or Klipsch Heresy III

I would like to ask that anyone who has either of these speakers (Polk audio Lsi 9 or Klipsch heresy) to please voice your opinion of them in your system. I have a Marantz PM-11s1 and am considering purchasing one of the two pairs mentioned, but cannot listen to before buying due to my location. I am looking for a detailed, transparent, fast, full bodied sound. I have used Kef Q 65.2 with the marantz, bi-wired. I would like a fuller sound, not fat or bloated, just a solid sound in comparison. Thank you all very much for your input.

Plenty of info at the Polk forum and Klipsch forum. Have owned plenty of Klipsch Heritage models and still have Cornwalls. You really should try to find someone in your area to do a demo and let your ears decide.

My vote of course would be the Heresy's. Clarity and dynamics are hard to beat.