Poll: Naim owners, what cabling are you using? DIN? RCA? NACA5? Other?

Loving the sound of my recently acquired XS-2 (60wpc version) and CD5x. Currently using Mogami W3082 speaker cable and Mogami W2549 RCA interconnects. Speakers are Vandersteen 2C's. I know... Vandersteen, right? But the combo actually sounds really good together. I know too I can post this on the Naim forum (which I might do someday soon) but wanted to post here first on A-gon to see what if there is a consensus. I'm curious as to what cabling other Naim owners ended up going with, and if they went through "the comparing phase" of cabling when first getting their components?

I've been reading and getting feedback that DIN is the best connection method for Naim gear. I did pick up a used original Naim 5-pin DIN to DIN interconnect (gray color) to start my own comparisons. I then heard the later Lavender interconnect is the better of the two. I should have the cable by week's end. 

As for the NACA5 speaker cable, it seems folks either love or hate it. There is a company called Witch Hat Audio that makes naim-specified cables and interconnects and is reportedly very good. In fact, this company is owned/ran by ex-Naim engineers. Anyone have any experience with their cables? Seems a lot of owner's use Chord as well. 

Even looking at the technical specs of the NACA5, the Mogami W3082 I'm using is much higher in capacitance (253pF/m) vs. the Naim, which is 16.5pF/m. I realize the speaker cable requirement isn't an issue with the newer Naim components, but I was curious to see if there is a Mogami cable with closer figures. W3103 for example, has a capacitance of 93pF/m at 1kHz, and 83pF/m at 10kHz. That's a pretty big drop from W3082. W3103 is a pretty popular cable, along with W3082 and W3104. Also, I'm not that tech savy, so I'm not sure what all this really means. 


I'm using Mogami with no issues. It's very good with Naim and Harbeth. Am I looking for better? Of course. 

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I have the Nait XS2; I tried Witch Hat Phantom speaker cables, I found them a little bright so returned them. I've finally settles with Atlas Hyper 2.0 for speaker cables and Atlas Hyper Symmetrical interconnects (RCA). I own Naim source components so haven't used DIN to DIN, only 2xRCA to DIN; to be honest, I couldn't discern a significant difference. 

I settled on the Atlas SCs as they are neutral and just seem to get out of the way.