possible power surge in my Mark Levinson Power Amp No. 332

Its never happened to me but recently there's been a couple of sudden outages in my neighborhood and noticed that my Pre Amp power red light was on stand by mode (intermittently on/off) but a couple of days ago when trying to turn it on, when pressing the on button it doesn't turn on. Curious to know whether this particular amp has a protection mode for this kind of power outages, or some kind of switch I need to turn back on. Or something definitely got burned with the outage. Seems unusual as if it had burned the red light wouldn't even turn on, would it? 
Any tips of what could it be and how to fix it would be much appreciated.  
I suggest you ’unplug’ the unit from the wall plug for 2 minutes and turn it back on. I hope this works. You might also check the fuzes in the amplifier to see if they need replacing. I doubt the power outage damaged the amplifier. Please keep us posted.

For my audio equipment, I use the TRC 14650006-6 Shockshield White GFCI Plug with Surge Protection. These units trip a CFCI circuit when my power goes out. It Provides GFCI protection for my audio equipment.

When my power goes off, these things trip and TURN OFF the power. I have to MANUALLY reset them to get the power back on. Previously, sometimes the power would go off, back on and off again. My equipment was going on and off. These devices turn off and stay off when the power goes off. After a power failure, I usually wait one hour before turning my equipment back on.

Any updates on your possible power surge in your Mark Levinson Power Amp No. 332?

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