Potential fraudulent purchaser

Hello.  I sold a Spectral CD player to "arteck," who has good reviews.  When the shipper tried to deliver the player and called the specified number, it was not a valid number.  Upon googling the address (3025 Bowlarama Dr. New Castle, Delaware), I found numerous warnings that the same address has been used for ebay scams, where the (Chinese) buyer then tries to get a refund from PayPal claiming that the product was never delivered.  See https://community.ebay.com/t5/Member-To-Member-Support/Scammers-using-package-forwarding-company-loc...  Don't quite know what to do here - the CD player is in Delaware, in a crate, waiting for a phone number. Suggestions?
Have the shipper return it to you. Refund the buyer and move on. Don't risk anything if the buyer hasn't provided valid information. Also let AudioGon know ASAP to mitigate feedback risk
Make sure you deduct any shipping you have paid before you refund anything.
Paypal almost always protects the person sending the money so seller be careful - Paypal is the worst when it comes to these things - at minimum they will hold your money forever and at worst give it back to the sender - sign up for Audiogon Xpress Checkout and use that rather eBays payment tool it's better for on here at least.