Power amp help

Need a power amp to go with the Adcom GFP565 pre and Thiel CS2_2s. Here is what I'm looking at.
Bryston 3B-$450.00 + shipping
Acurus A200 - $400.00 free shipping
ATI - ATI AT1505 $500.00 min plus shippin or ATI AT1202 $495.00 plus shipping. I am leaning towards the Bryston. Any advice would be greatly apreciated. I have no way to audition any of them.
Of those listed, I would go with the Bryston as well. Though I don't know the specs on the 3B. The 2.2s like a fair amount of power. I would not run them at anything less than 100 wpc into 8 ohms. I had the 2.2s some time ago and ran a Mark Levinson with them and really liked these speakers. For what you can get these speakers for used, they are a terrific speaker! I owned these at the same time that I had a pair of Wilson W/P 5.1 and also a pair of Wilson Duettes. The 2.2s were never embarrassed by the Wilsons.

The more good power you can give them, the better. The 2.2s can really reward you for good upstream equipment and at the same time penalize you for poor upstream components.
Thanks for your input. Speakers are 4 ohm. Bryston 3B info - 200 watts x 2 @ 4 ohms
Then assuming your room is not too large and you listening volumes are reasonable, this is probably the minimum power you would want to go with (100 wpc @ 8 ohms). I've never listened to the Thiels with Bryston, but I am sure there are many other posts of the combination.