Power Amp Question

Question: how to match a power amp to my system using an integrated amp as a preamp.


Triad Gold LCR In-Room Speakers 4-OHM 100-400 watt

Audio Tecnica AT-OC9XL Dual MC cartridge

NAD C356 integrated amp

Rega Aria MK3 (recently added)


Thank You




@bop333 Said,

My reasoning for more  power is to not have to turn up the volume to 11/12 to get a full soundstage. 

In my opinion: That is more of an issue with the speakers then the amp. Speakers that have efficiency  > 1 % and a impedance > 8 Ohm, do not need a lot of juice to get a full soundstage or to sound good at low volume. Also amplifiers produce more distortion in lower impedances then higher impedances. That has been my experience.








Now that you have read many contributors comment about your preamp, amp, speakers, system, etc., I would like to comment on your original question.

"how to match a power amp to my system using an integrated amp as a preamp."

As a general rule of thumb, you should try to have the input impedance of the power amp be at least 10x the output impedance of the preamp. Or the output impedance of the preamp section of your integrated amp in this case.