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Integrityhifi TRU-GLIDER Pendulum Tonearm
mijostyn - so, it's been over 2 years since this thread began.  Can we now assume you have actually listened to the arm?  
Help recommend a good tube preamp
+3 for the Backert Labs.  
Power Amp Question
Now that you have read many contributors comment about your preamp, amp, speakers, system, etc., I would like to comment on your original question. "how to match a power amp to my system using an integrated amp as a preamp." As a general rule of... 
Experience with DS Audio Optical Cartridge Systems
I think you would have to hear them for yourself. I have 2 DS-003’s, one with the DS-003 energizer, the other with the least expensive energizer (DS-E1). Both sound very good and the system with the less expensive energizer does, indeed, sound bet... 
Experience with DS Audio Optical Cartridge Systems
A DS Audio system need not be super expensive. The least expensive system is less than $3000 for both the cartridge and the energizer - everything needed.  
Experience with DS Audio Optical Cartridge Systems
jperry - I too generally refrain from offering an opinion unless I’ve heard the equipment being discussed. In the case of the DS Audio system I do have experience with it and definitely stand by my opinion of the quality of its sound. I have 7 tur... 
Experience with DS Audio Optical Cartridge Systems
I, too, am in the DC area (Laytonsville, MD).  I have a DS-003 and it is exceptional in my opinion.  Transient response stands out but most striking is the dynamics - the dynamic contrasts presented are unlike anything I've heard in my system befo... 
How much gear do you own?
Way too much gear.  But have 3 operating systems in 3 different rooms that all sound really good to me.  Lots of unused gear but I often take in unwanted pieces, test them to make sure they are working OK, and give them away to people setting up n... 
Short list of musical subwoofers
Have had a number of subs - no losers in the bunch yet.  In my Magneplanar 3.7i system I have a pair of MartinLogan Dynamo 1100X subs.  Integrate nicely in that setting (crossed over quite low) and the Anthem Room Correction function works well.  ... 
Biggest "bang for the buck" audio gear you have owned(in your history)?
From above: "Love to see the large Advent's mentioned.  Mr. Kloss was a pretty smart guy--I mean, he invented the acoustic suspension speaker...where would be be today without that?" The acoustic suspension speaker was invented by Edgar Vilchur.... 
The "British Invasion". A question for you old farts out there.
Beatles vs. Rolling Stones. All others were on the sidelines. I was (am) a Beatles fan. They put out some of the most inventive, groundbreaking music and continually evolved. Each of their albums was a step in a new direction that you could listen... 
Is there a modern equivalent of Allison speakers?
Larsen speakers would seem to be a modern equivalent of the Allison speakers in that they are designed for placement against a wall and use the wall as a reflection surface. In my experience, they sound very good.  
Integrityhifi TRU-GLIDER Pendulum Tonearm
Nescient.  Nearly the perfect adjective for the member in question. 
Integrityhifi TRU-GLIDER Pendulum Tonearm
Jeez - and all this time I have been listening to my audio gear and music when what I should have been doing was calibrating my mind.  All of your gear "works wonderfully well".  Since listening is not a criterion, what is?  Does wonderfully well ... 
Integrityhifi TRU-GLIDER Pendulum Tonearm
lancelock - +2 to both!