Power Cable Guidance Needed...

Greetings All,

I am looking for some objective advice, I don�t have the greatest system alive by any means but it is what I can afford and so far I like it very much.

I have a requirement for an upgrade to my cables for my Processor, Amp and Sub.

I have been doing some research and I have come down to two kinds of power cables that I believe that I would be interested in, the first would be the LessLoss and the other TelWire.

I was originally looking for cables from the same company but many of the reviews say that both cables are well suited for a source upgrade. This leaves me dead in the water for my Amp and Sub.

1) Should I use LessLoss or TelWire for all three?
2) If not what should I use for the Amp and Sub and why would you use it?
3) Which would you choose between LessLoss and TelWire and most importantly why?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Why is this the next step?

Give us an idea of what equipment you have....because, at least in my mind, an upgrade to the power cables will make absolutely no audible difference unless you are the 1 in 10000 who really could hear the change.

I don't know what else you have, but I would bet that spending the money somewhere else will give you better results....
Ghstudio is largely right. A lot of the answer depends on what equipment you have. But one in ten thousand? Is that people or ears? :-)

For instance, if you have a fairly high wattage amp with a stock cord, you will very likely hear a difference by upgrading to a larger gauge cord. Better dynamics will be the most obvious improvement. Source? Clean up the power, where a properly shielded cord help, and that will improve, too.

Of course, none of this is guaranteed, but tell us more, Cfarlie. Whatcha got?
Might try The Cable Company or your local dealer,experiment and make your own deductions.
Can't answer about your choices, but will say that I heard a difference using Audio Art Cable PC1
We compared a LessLoss cable and a few other types at a recent NY Rave meeting. The clear winner was a Kubala Sosna PC, but that's like $1500 or so. The 2nd place cord was not very far behind and noticable better than the LessLoss. It was a Kaplan cable (new company). You can find these now at TweekGeek.com.

Ptmconsulting, was it the cable with the filtering built in or the one without that you compared in the shootout? Thanks

Greetings Fellas,

Thank you for your response. The following is what I have:

1) Sony PS3 60GB (Used for the odd game)
2) Sony BDP S550 (Hoping to upgrade to the Denon 5910CI, then run XLR’s from Blu-ray/SACD into processor for music and HDMI for movies OR use Denon Link but I don’t know much about it yet) for now I bit stream everything into the processor.
3) Motorola PVR
4) Run Monster M Series 1000 HDMI cables from sources to Processor and from Processor to TV
5) Denon A1HDCI Processor
6) Run Harmonic Technology MAGIC™ Link Two XLR x 5 into AMP
7) Run Harmonic Technology HT Subwoofer into Sub
8) McIntosh MC207 AMP
9) Run Bi-wire Harmonic Technology Pro-9 Reference Speaker Cables into Front Left, Front Right and Centre Cannel speakers (with locking banana plugs on both ends)
10) Run Harmonic Technology's Fantasy Speaker Cables in to Surround Left and Right Speakers (with locking banana plugs on both ends)
11) B&W 703 Front Left and Right Speakers
12) B&W HTM7 Centre Speaker
13) B&W DS7 Surround Left and Right Speakers
14) REL Acoustics R-505 Sub
15) Monster 5100 MK II Signature Series Power
16) RICHARD GRAY RGPC 600 S (after the monster and components plug into this)
17) Liebert GXT2 1500 (Not in play but on order and it’s output is non-jagged Sine wave)

I realize, as I mentioned, my system is by far NOT the best out there but I think that it may be enough to warrant higher end cables and would benefit over stalk power cabling; I would appreciate any thoughts and advice.



Opps one correction...

2) Sony BDP S550 (Hoping to upgrade to the Denon DVD-A1UD, then run XLR’s from Blu-ray/SACD into processor for music and HDMI for movies OR use Denon Link but I don’t know much about it yet) for now I bit stream everything into the processor.

I am waiting to see what the scoop is on the Denon DVD-A1UD not the 5900.



Here's a link to "AudioCircle.com" where they had covered the NY Rave Meeting in greater detail. Both pictures and comments of the Kaplan Cables can be found there.


I had just recently ordered the H.E. model. Hoping that it performs well.