power cable length importance

is it true that a 2 meter power cord length is recomended to have the best possible filtration?
I suggest, kiddo, you replace your interconnects and speaker cables with something more appropriate for an audiophile system. And if you cannot hear a difference - that's tough.
That electric travels about 3100 mile per 1000 ms. Just think how many trips it made through the power utility power transformer, the neighbors wiring, and appliances, who knows what else, in about 1000ms. Hmmm...
ALL those things does not matter Hifihvn! I have a dedicated hifi socket with a special AWG14 hifi power cable (shielded, stranded) routed - total 60 feet! And I have ordinary socket nearby, same AWG14, good old solid copper wire - exept that there always better voltage in a dedicated socket, there is no difference in sound! But when I compare various additional hifi ccables, its easy to see that they all sound different, and have own characters! Good, old true - LAST METER COUNTS MOST. WHY, I HAVE NO IDEA!
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Nor does anyone else, nor could anyone replicate with AB testing. The world is flat too you know.....