Power Cables. Sound Quality Reduction under 240v


I've just invested some rather large sums of money on Aftermarket Power Cords and DIY Strip Boards.

My system comprises of the following:
1. Krell KSA 250 Amplifier
2. Audio Aero Capitole MKII CD Player
3. Supratek Sauvignon pre-amp

When I plugged the power cord into the pre-amp and used the aftermarket strip board, my wife and I immediately noticed a sudden reduction in sound quality. ie. the mid range had been instantly subdued. Furthermore, the sound seemed a little compressed with loss of detail with background piano notes.

Feeling rather upset with the sound, I then proceeded to remove the aftermarket power cable connected to the pre-amp and it with a stock standard cord. Once done, the sound quality increased, the mid-range started comming back.

Finally, I removed the DIY strip board and pluged all the components into my old $40 strip board from the local electrical shop. The sound quality improved again, back to the way it used to be. The mid range instantly returned to it's former glory with vocals having that lush sound that sounds as though the singers are right there in the room with you.

I always thought power cables where supposed to improve sound quality. Could It be that here in Australia with 240Volts, that power cords make less if not detremental difference in sound.

The Power Cord was the PSC (Pure Silver Cables) Pristine MKII

The DIY Power Strip board was made using 8 Gauge conductors, with 4 Braided and foil shield twisted together.

Any Audiophiles in Australia, If you would like to comment on your thoughts, I would be very interested.

Here in Italy we have 230 volts AC.
I've replaced all my components stock power cords with some popular aftermarket models bought in Usa (Virtual Dynamics, Bmi, Analysis Plus) and could easily hear a strong improvement in sound quality, on practically all parameters.
Also, I'm using a Ps Audio Juice Bar, terminated with a V.D. Nite, with good satisfaction. It is definitely much better than other budget power strips I have used.
When shielding is improperly applied, you end up with results like that of what you experienced. Sean
I try my first BMI-ORCA from the wall outlet to PS Audio-Ultimate outlet before distribute to other in my system. The sound quality improve noticeable. Now I currently uses all of AC Cable with the ORCA. I lives in Thailand, used 220volt AC also...........YOT