Power Cables you like with Merrill Veritas Amps

Several of us Veritas owners are wondering what other Veritas owners have found to their liking over the included TWL power cables.
Please describe what improvement you got with the cables you like and the cost so we can compare the cost benefit.

Hi Al, which power cords have you applied this far to your Veritas monos, and with what comparative results?

Hi Guido. Well I have not tried that many yet.

I tried an entry level non active Synergistic Research and that did not work. Made things closed in. I am sure the more expensive ones would workout for the better but at this time I am trying to have less cables in my system not more. I actually like and have owned several of their cables and power conditioner and would recommend that people try them.

I tried some (nameless) boutique power cables that over emphasized some parts and filtered others.

Funds are limited right now so it will probably be a few months before I can try that many.

That is one reason why I started this thread. I hope other Veritas owners post their findings.
THank you Hifial, I was hoping you could comment on the effect on Veritas of the Hidiamond PCs that you may have since sold.
Holy Cow Batman!! I forgot them!

Not that they sounded bad at all. They had a dark background and what I would call romantic leaning in the sound. I know many others love the P3 but while it has a nice sound I was not that impressed by it. And the P4 is way more costly. At that price there is a lot of very good sounding computation. Other club members felt the same way.
I would say they were not much, if at all, better then the TWL cables that Merrill includes with the Veritas. So good but not much of an improvement. Look somewhere else.

Now the HiDiamond D7 speaker cables are very good for the price. It has all the things you would want. A dark quite background, some romantic leaning but also has detail without being strident. Good dynamics top to bottom. I would call it a sleeper in the line.
I am selling the D7 speaker cables (two pairs with spades) so anyone who has an interest can PM me.

But I am auditioning a set of speaker and interconnects that I have high hopes for. But I can not say anything about them yet.


As I mentioned in another post, I preferred the sound of the Lessloss Signature cables to the stock TWL.
But then trying the stock TWL on my DAC was better than the Lessloss!
So I swapped them and won both ways so I am quite happy!

On the Veritas amp it is not a fair comparison because the Lessloss is a heavier guage compared to the stock TWL. I would like to compare the TWL 7 to the Lessloss Sig - that would be a fair comparison. And wasnt it the 7 that was the power cord used during the NC400 tour last year?
Guys- I bought a pair of TWL 7+ per HiFial review of the VERITAS, big mistake. Bass bloated & midrange was thick/muddy. I called Merrill & he set me straight. He tried all the TWL pc's & the 10+ was the best. The 7+ has much more resistance & better for class A/AB amps.
Ptheo, your are TOTALLY MISTAKEN. I never, ever recommended the TWL 7+ for the Veritas. Please DO NOT put words in my mouth. I, as some, have wondered what power cords OTHER then the TWL PC that come with the Veritas would improve upon the amps great sound.
Sorry HiFial, I was mistaken. It must have been another review I read. I meant no disrespect.
HiFial- I just checked the copies of threads/reviews of the VERITAS amps. On one audiogon thread that you(HiFial)/Audiozen/Guidocorona were arguing that Hypex/Ncore is owned by Philips company. On that thread dated around 1/26/13 someone who owns- B&W 802D speakers;PS Audio Perfectwave DAC MKII with Bridge by Ethernet and PW transport etc. That person commented that 'They LOVE Pete's Triode Wire Labs cables, both Ten Plus AND Seven Plus'. That is one comment I went by plus I swore there was a review I read that he preferred the Seven Plus on the VERITAS.

Plus I liked Pete Ten Plus powercord so much that I sold my Shunyata Python Alpha’s & bought 5 Seven Plus powercords(2 for the subs, 2 for the VERITAS amps & 1 for my multichannel amp). I figured that if the Ten Plus is that great on Merrill's amps, the Seven Plus must be incredible being a lower gauge! Like I said, I was wrong on the VERITAS. But on my subs & multichannel amp, this is the best they have ever sounded, bar none. So for the heck of it since I now had 2 extra Seven Plus powercords, I plugged one it into my plasma TV. Unbelievable what it did to my plasma! I already had an after market pc on it, but Pete’s Seven Plus powercord took it to another level. But that is another thread I will start on TWL powercords!

Again HiFial, my bad. I should have never mentioned you before checking. If anything, I totally respect your opinion/findings. So much so I’m purchasing Ultra SS for the VERITAS amps from yours & Merrill’s recommendation.

BTW- From now on I will check with Merrill before I purchase anything for the VERITAS amps.
Theo, my apologies, but I have never asserted that Hypex were owned by Philips... On the contrary, Hypex is a privately owned company founded by Mr. Amerangen.

The original UCD technology was developed by Bruno Putzeys whilst he was working at Philips, hence the original UCD-related patents were/are owned by Philips, and UCD was subsequently licensed to Hypex.

Later, Mr. Putzeys joined Hypex, where he still works.At Hypex, Mr. Putzeys developed Ncore technology and filed Ncore-related patents, which are all assigned to Hypex.

Yes Guido, It was Audiozen that was implying that Hypex was owned by Philips, not you or HiFial. Thank you.
Theo, No problem. However, I can see where someone could misconstrued my comments in the post of 1/26/13. While I feel that the TWL PC are great for the money, I have only tried the Ten+ on the Veritas. The 7+ were on other equipment, in other systems. So my bad in not being more clear. But as I said in that post TWL has a home trial, money back, so... Also in that post I did mention that the Veritas is PC "finicky". So definitely try before you buy. But that would be for just about any great amp.

On the Stillpoints Ultra SS. All I can say is YOU DID THE RIGHT THING! In every system that I tried the SS in with the Veritas amps ALL heard an improvement in sound. This is in a verity of system types.
Just make sure you install them properly otherwise you will not hear what they can do.

Oh, and thanks for the vote of confidence.
Shunyata has recently introduced the Z-tron Alpha power cord... This is a new $1K PC specifically designed for devices that have SMPS or contain digital components, ranging from CDPs, DACs, up to high power class D amps... Has anyone tried the Z-Tron Alpha DIgital PC on Veritas... Or is otherwise planning to do so?

Some information on this PC is at:


VERITAS Owners, Kaplan Cable, now Waveform Fidelity has spent quite a but of time to develop and tune a cable specifically for the VERITAS Monoblocks.The Qualities are Excellent Prat, details yet smooth.

Available from Merrill Audio or Waveform Fidelity. This is great if you are a detail freak and want a non-fatiguing cable with excellent energy.
Awesome MW! I'd like to try out a pair. Is there a trade-in offer for the TWL powercords to original owners of the VERITAS amps?
FYI. I had an opportunity to try several different Power Cables on my Veritas Monos over several weeks.

1) LessLoss
2) Triode Wire Lab
3) Waveform
4) A DIY

I found the LessLoss and the DIY cables to sound too Spotlight in their overall top to bottom sound. You heard everything but it was all at once. Like everything was being shouted at you. I found it a little overwhelming.
Also the tone of the instruments was a little lacking.

The TWL cable came across a little too warm and lacking in some details, almost soft. Not bad mind you.

The Waveform was a revelation. The tone of the instruments was spot on. There was deep base, the kind you feel. You heard everything but not at all being shouted at you. The imaging was very good without being artificial. It had better sound stage.
The Waveform Cable did all the things you want a cable to do.

In MHO you would have to spend a hell of a lot to better the Waveform Cable, and even then you may not better it. I am not saying there may not be a better power cable for the Veritas. Just that you would most likely have to spend a lot to better it.

I liked it so much I have ordered a pair.

First off, Paul Kaplan, formerly of Kaplan cable & now of Waveform, makes some great sounding cabling. I have no doubt his digital cable is outstanding.

With the Triode Wire Labs MA-10 (basically a "Ten Plus" cable), a fairly reasonable and very good sounding (with a certain price point) cable was included with the Merrill Audio Veritas amplifiers. Could a better designed power cable for the Hypex-based amps be made? ABSOLUTELY!

Since the introduction of the Veritas amps, I've worked on, developed & designed a digital power cable that renders an unmistakable improvement on Class-D amps, digital players and all digital video gear. I'm using a slightly different dielectric, different grounding layout as well as "state of the art" carbon fiber connectors (similar to the ones used on the Furutech FI-50M series (only $588 per pair! (for the connectors)) but better. These non-magnetic carbon fiber connectors were designed & engineered in the USA by my friend Ted Paisley from Wavelength Audio/Video. Everything listed above makes a noticeable difference for the good; more natural & analog sounding!

I plan on bringing some of these cables to AXPONA-Chicago in two weeks and plan on releasing this new digital power cable at the Capital Audio Fest in July...

Just providing my $0.02...

Pete, that is great to hear. I would love the opportunity to try a pair. Do you have a price on them yet?
Hi Pete,

Great to read you have/are developing a special digital power cord; I'm very interested as well.

Hi Pete, This is fascinating information... how would your new digital PC differ from a hypothetical equivalent new design optimized for linear / toroidal power supplies instead?

What sonic/musical differences may we expect when applying your new PC to Veritas, in contrast with the original Veritas stock cord?

Regards, Guido

Thank you for the kind words. Indeed, these power cords started their development intended for Class D amps, specifically Merrill's lovely Veritas monoblocs. Merrill provided me a pair of the monoblocks and I endeavored to make an cord specifically for this product. Upon settling upon a topology, I made multiple cords, optimized for their specific lengths, as well as the derived the resultant formulas for optimizing for any reasonable, arbitrary length. (Yes, a Whitepaper will inevitably follow.)
Merrill (the Man) retrieved his amps, which was unfortunate, as I was really enjoying their visit. But he only took 2 of the development cords, 6 footers, which he ultimately sent on to you. I had 7 cords left over, in 3 different lengths that sounded the same, leastwise with Merrill's amps. So I slotted them into my own system, alternating between my own Ncore 400 based amp and Hugh Dean's AKSA Lifeforce 140 wpc, a 'blameless' class AB amp with a linear supply. In addition, they fed my own Alchemist power conditioner, C.A.T. SL-1 mkIII preamp, and EAR Acute III CD player/DAC. Long story short, what was an OEM cord for Merrill Audio, is now my Waveform Fidelity HE mk3 power cord. This wasn't surprising as the topology is the same as my HE mkII, but used a newer, better set of plugs and IECs, and re-optimized. These are not specifically digital power cords, but simply the best cords I can currently build at this price point, regardless.
I can only suggest you try them on other components.

Warm regards,
Paul Kaplan
Waveform Fidelity
Hi Al, I'll probably have introductory pricing set around $499...

If you'd like to try a pair after I return from the Chicago-AXPONA show, shoot me a PM.