power conditioner with off switch

Hi everyone,

I know that most audiophiles would recommend leaving your components on if not in standby full time. Unfortunately I don't have the opportunity to listen as often as I'd like to so I would prefer to turn everything off when not in use. I am interested in finding a high quality power conditioner that has the ability to turn off to stop vampire power usage. Any suggestions?
why not just disconnect the power cords from a line conditioner ? i just turn off each component when not in use. my power conditioners, ps audio power plant and adept response, have on/off switches.
Sound Application, Blue Circle music ring, and Dodd Audio all have an on/off switch. May be handy if your gear, such as a DAC, doesn't have a power switch.
Torus has separate banks that can be turned off individually. Switches are on the front for easy access.
Thanks for all of your responses. I'll certainly be doing more research on all of the suggestions provided.
I use a Furman Elite PF15i in both my 2 channel and HT systems. This unit has an off/on switch that can shut down the entire system and allows 12v switching for your amp/pre-amp if needed.