Why is everyone selling thier Powersnake

I was wondering at all the recent postings (for sale) of the Shunyata powersnakes. Just recently they were the second coming of power cords, heck I even bought a Black Mamba. Why the rush to sell, are the newer versions that much better? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.
They all want to follow what the next guy does, it seems to me. I don't think the new versions could be that much better than the old, and think the old were overrated. I still have a Black Mamba on loan, but a cord from another manufacturer is seeing more use lately in my system.
Bryce, just the regular number of adds listed for PowerSnakes, the majority of adds (unless its King Cobra) are people upgrading to better Powersnakes, or trading discontinued models for newer versions......an expensive game as Kings run $2000+........Vast majority of snake owners would not be going to another product IMO, Sam
I went for the King Cobra.I'm a believer. I know one guy has 5 in new today.All at good prices.I also know(like all of us )of the new models. It is the nature of the hobby. Where would we be if nothing new came out worth talking about?Some guys afraid to take the plunge (for various reasons)sit back on high afraid to get wet, but like to throw a wet blanket on those of us who do. TRY a King Cobra then lets hear from ya'all.So,some of those guys may be moving up. A guy with 5? Maybe his wife is going to throw him out .Who knows? Something this good will cause stress to other cord makers,they will get better and cheaper,and we will benifit.Only can speak of the K. C. I figured I would go for it all and try the deep end,and used, 1200 ain't that much compared to how much I got. I'll bet your milage will be as good as mine.