power conditioning question gentlemen

      I,m considering a power conditioner /surge unit ,Two sunfire subs,nu vista intergrated(draws some juice) ,transport,dac,tt, phono section (dc-ac i may just plug in wall)  .Dedicated 20amp run directly to room x 2 hospital grade rec. I have been looking into richard grays,furman ref,shunyata etc.I have a unique set up here in nor cal.I am completley off grid!,I run a serious solar and res set up with a genny back up.The power is pretty consistant although during changes in genny start up or at time it does fluctuate a little .I never hear it or have never measured a spiked it drops slightly during those milliseconds.I would like to snag a used one in the 1k range .

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ok guys ,the last cple hrs have been spent researching this subject and i,m back to ground zero.It’s like frikin interconnects so many opinions, i am a believer in interconnects proper interconnects for the setup .So what is confusing is the difference in the units over the obvious.Say shunyatas  conditioner but has reserve peak power,core just peak power,richard gray has alot of reserve power but is also a conditioner.so my question is "conditioning power" if my power is clean why change it? this seems to be the big arguement,what is actually taking place to change my sound that a reserve of power like a cores torroidial isnt doing .And here i thought i was a pretty smart guy duhh
Oleschool, this is wild hypothesis of mine. What if in fact you want better amps and better subs, something that would give you all the reserves and peaks of power and then some? 'Unlimited' power taking any shape and form you want it to. No power conditioner in the world can be a substitute for a great amp. And great woofers, subwoofers.
     inna thanks,  but i,m quite happy with what i have now . I have had alot of seperates to many to list and intergrateds 32yrs in high end .I like where i'm sitting at this point for where my life is at this time.I do not believe that is my issue at all .I believe most of it is in my head ,but i do believe i need a way to keep constant voltage to my gear regardless of the minor power glitches i have,It just makes me nervous.I,m just a guy who like a pretty decent setup ( for here ) and also have a seperate 7:2 Ht room. for the family . I am as you know a musician first so my heart lies with my paul reed smiths,marshall tubes and my vintage les pauls.

        I am also very into metal work and build custom hotrods and motorcycles among having a new born..lol I am spread thin so i will stick with this hand for now.Although i do miss my pv12  among others that i lost in my fire. but not my lp12  i love my classic ;)  
"One mans floor is anothers ceiling"....lol 
Depending on what you need, you can get some features much cheaper. For instance, I think the SMP enabled surge protectors start under $200.


As a surge, noise and over voltage protector, it’s as good as any other unit you can buy. It’s not pretty and doesn’t have a ton of outlets. One step up is the rack mountable with voltage monitor:


SMP is the only surge protection tech. that filters noise in the audible range, down around 3 kHz I believe. Most strips start around 100kHz and go up. It’s not snake oil either, I’ve taken them apart. :) SMP is the only thing I trust my expensive equipment with, replacement warranties be damned. It also protects you from low-level over-voltage conditions that a typical surge strip might never fire on.

None of these include voltage regulation (keeping it between 115 and 125), power factor correcting or remote turn on or multi-bank filtering (separate filters per outlet) though. That’s what you pay the big bucks as you go further up the scale, as it needs more weight to work in the form of transformers or transistors and heat sinks.

I guess my point is, the really cheap units are a lot more effective than people realize and may be all you ever want.