Power cord - 5 ft vs 10 ft ?

I've heard many things about the length of a power cord. What is the ideal length of a power cord to give it a chance to perform at its best before connecting to an amplifier?


"It only has to be long enough to reach the wall outlet" - Peter Walker of Quad.

@jasonbourne52 : why are you always the very first poster in every single cable thread? I never understood. Is it some kind of life-goal of yours? if so, can you explain the underlying psyche behind it? Thanks.

If you are using a high end power cord, then 2 meters is the preferred length.


I had never considered length until recently. I always thought short to avoid clutter. My audio guy had told me 2. Meter was optimal. I happened to have a one meter and two meter of the same coed. I tried them both, and lo and behold he was right, the two meter sounded better. He had said, “You get more conditioning”. Well, after fifty years at this, I am still learning things.