Power cord for a parallel filter--does it matter?

I just ordered a used Audio Power PE-1 parallel power filter. It weighs some seven pounds and comes with an integral power cord several feet long. I was wondering whether changing power cords would have a significant effect on the sound. Just wondering if anyone out there has experimented with this.
If my memory serves me right, the cord on the PE1 is captive. To change the original power cord, you would have to drill out the rivets on the PE1 to get at the cord. In any event, I doubt that changing the cord would have any affect on the unitÂ’s performance. Remember that the PE1 is a parallel filter, which acts like a lightning rod for EMI, RFI and assorted ac grunge. Ugly ac gremlins are only drained into the unit by cord.
Most parallel filters plug directly into the wall and look like "wall warts". The one that comes to mind that uses a small AC cord is the Enacom. These are so short thought it really doesn't matter.

I saw the one that you purchased and the cord is much longer than what the Enacom comes with. It is possible that they took the electrical characteristics of the AC cord into account when calculating the parameters of the filter when designing it. While i know that you can't resist tweaking your AC, this one is probably okay the way that it is : ) Sean

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