Power Cord for Electrocompaniet ECD 1

I have a Electrocompaniet ECD 1 dac and let me say that it is an awesome dac. I'm very happy with the clarity and detail. I'm using a Synergistic Research Master Coupler Power Cord, plugged into a PS Audio Powerplant.
Has anyone else had any power cord experiences with this dac? Wondering if any power cord has wowed you on this dac.

I use the Audience PowerChord with this DAC, and the results are savory. I use the Shunyata Black Mamba on my source, and that combo works extremely well.
I was expecting "big things" from the ECD-1, and I have not been let down in any way. It's a great piece.

I've used the Harmonic Tech. power cords, Audience PowerChord, and the Blue Circle powercord, all with great success. Anything is better than stock in this case.
I have had great results using the Harmonic Tech pc going to a PS Audio P-300.This is a GREAT dac.
Im using a Shunyata Mamba on mine as well...Oh my, this is one great DAC. Considering what people are now starting to sell these things used for, there is absolutely no reason to fool with any of those little DAC toys (not mentioning any names) you read about on the other forums (I did, and wasted my time).