power cord for pass 250.8

Looking for a power cord for my Pass 250.8

Right now using cord that came with it. Could I do better?

For those with this amp which cord did you find most suitable.... My system is a bit on the laid back side so a somewhat more forward sound would be nice. Looking to pay up to $3,000.00 used.

Thanks for any suggestions.


@jomace new Audioquest Hurricane 2m for $550?

Sounds too good to be true and you know how the saying goes, right?

There’s so much counterfeit out there and AQ happens to be one of the most popular in that space together with Shunyata, Cardas and Nordost. While I hope your Hurricane is authentic, I wouldn’t bet my money on it especially when it was purchased from Mercari. Good luck.


What about a new pre instead? Backert labs tier one rhumba is just forward enough. I had it paired with a 250.8 and really enjoyed it. Just dont know a cord will deliver what you’re looking for. I wasnt a big fan of Pass labs preamps. They always sounded a bit flat and lacking of character. They werent bad but maybe too neutral for me?

The best power cord you could use is one that is made from OCC single crystal wire it is far superior to anything OFC at any price there's a lot of good manufacturers out there Neotech, harmonic technology, acoustic Zen, Zenfino, and rectangular OCC is even better than the round, neotech has two flagship lines the Sahara which is their rectangular copper OCC and the Amazon which is their silver rectangular OCC also check out the Grand that's their newest designed power cord just Google Neotech cables and then look for rectangular cables and also the Grand on their website they started about $1,800 US per meter.

I’ve read in many places that Pass uses Silent Source cords and cables, both in-house and at shows...