PS Audio P15 power conditioner vs Accuphase PS 520/530?

I want to add a power conditioner with my study system.  It consists of an Accuphase E-550 integrated, AMR DP77SE DAC, & Ridge Street Audio Design Sason speakers.  I feel no need to change components.  I'm debating between an Accuphase PS 520/530 or a PS Audio P15.

Has anyone compared the Accuphase and PS Audio power conditioners?
Your thoughts are appreciated. 
The P15 is a regenerator not a conditioner.  Huge difference.

 I have a P15 and love it. Massive impact on my system . 
I had an original PS Audio Premier Power Plant. I suspect their new PLCs to be much better, however...

See Core Power Technology. I have their 300 powering  my TV and an 1800 in my main audio rig. Soon I will get their Deep Core to compliment the 1800
Thanks doitwithlife. I've been quite impressed with reviews of the P15. I figured that I'd investigate the Accuphase because I have their integrated amp.  But you're right, a regenerator is a different beast than a conditioner.  Seems to me that a reconditioner would generally be a cleaner option.Thanks.

tweak 1- I will look into Core Power Technology also. Thanks.
The Accuphase looks like an implementation of the Pure Power idea, one I first saw from the guy who makes Jensen audio transformers.

It's very neat and very efficient.

It tracks the incoming waveform and actively corrects it. As a result, it is high current, and high efficiency, without resorting to an AC--> DC --> AC reconstruction process like PS Audio uses.

I can't tell you how it sounds, but if it has the Accuphase label on it in the US I'm sure it's expensive as hell. :)

I'm not sure if PurePower is still selling or not, but if you are interested in that technology they are worth looking up.
Thanks Erik, I'm not technically inclined, but you helped clarify how the Accuphase works. I have a predilection towards Accuphase for many reasons.
Just saw this thread. I’ve been selling off my system and my PS520 is coming up for sale next week. Difficult to see PS Audio at this level but who knows. All I know is that it measures line distortion in followed by zero distortion out. I’d suggest reading up on it. Positive Feedback did a nice review a while back. 
I've enjoyed PS Audio components now for over three years.  My last upgrade was to trade up from their P10 power regenerator to the new P15 model, and I found an immediate improvement to the bass, soundstage and clarity in the highs, both from my PS Audio DirectStream DAC and my Mytek Brooklyn DAC.

I haven't had much need to contact PS Audio for support, but the few times I have, they have been outstanding!

Go and take a look at my system page.

I've posted some waveform shots. There are a few with different PCs that give you a glimpse of the actual mess that is coming in from the utility 

You can also see what a clean form comes out. Especially at the peaks. 

Thanks    doitwithlife

I've decided to go with the PS Audio P15.  Thanks to everyone for taking time to respond.
……. I have owned both; The Accuphase from a sound standpoint as well as just build quality and parts is just in a different league all together.     
I hooked up my new PS Audio P15 Power Plant with no complications.  After a half hour, I listened to some music. To my total surprise and amazement, the bass seemed tighter and more robust.  It's timbre relative to other sounds created a fuller, slightly more complete palette of sounds. I did not expect such an immediate and apparent change. fyi, flac hi rez files into Pass Labs XP20 into Pass Labs XA100.5 monos into Consensus Audio Engineering Conspiracy speakers.  So far I'm very happy with the P15. 
I owned the Accuphase P1200, purchased new. It was very very nice on front end gear but on amps I could definitely hear it limiting the dynamic range, this is why I sold the unit. My PSA P10 powers one of my systems completely including an OTL amp and the 300B. Absolutely no dynamic compression and it sounds amazing. Soon to purchase a P15. As a former owner of the Accuphase I don’t find a disparity in build quality, different yes but my P10 is aesthetically very nice. 
I owned both the P20 and the Accuphase PS1230.  The Accuphase is so much better sounding that it wasn't even funny.  This is well before we even consider the quality and reliability issues with PS Audio.