Power Cord for Spectral Amp

I am looking for cost effective/reasonable power cords for Spectral DMA 360 amplifiers. Any thought please.
I'm evaluating AC cords for my Krell (don't know how they'd sound with your Spectral). I'll post the results soon.
For both cost effective and excellent results, I just bought 2 of those Edge 10' power cords for $75 each on auction and stuck on my Spectral 360 mono blocks and wow! Was very impressed and happy hearing the results. From stock cords right off the bat,you hear an increased sound stage and imaging in the mids. Very quiet power cords and I notice an increase of detail in the upper mids and tighter bass. I am going back and getting a few more, for my Sprectral DMC-20 preamp and Spectral DAC. I have a pr. of Thiel 7.2s'. I also have older Levinson Amps (20s) and had excllent results. -Brent
I'd check out www.interlinkhouse.com for Stealth power cords. I haven't heard them, but have five other Stealth cable products, and they are excellent! And affordable. I'd also look for Stealth power cords on Audiogon and Audio Shopper--I think I've seen a listing.
Wondering if any of the Spectrom amp owners find a lack of richness in the mids?Sometimes as good as this amp is, I am not sure if it is just lack of coloration or a certain smooth ,full ,flowing not all there?Using with Aerial 10t's,McCormack Signature cd player direct into spectron.Granite audio ic, or HT silway mkII.Straightwire maestro 10 ft singe runs.--Feedback?? THANKS-
Somehow it wound up under this spectral and not as a seperate entry.anyway I will try again,but this regards the SPECTRON amp. Thanks again!