Power cord length

I upgraded all my power cords to Nordost Red Dawn. My cabinet sits directly in front of outlets. I have McIntosh MC830 monoblocks. Originally I purchased 2m lengths but don't like all the extra cord clutter so purchased a 1m length for left channel amp. After the fact I read Nordost spec sheet which stated minimum length 2m is recommended. Dealer stated "2m works the best for it to really filter". Also, both cords must be same length for "time alignment"; when using monoblocks "different length wires will sound slightly different". I am thinking to buy another 1m for right channel to solve timing thing and additional clutter cleanup. Ok, that's my situation- I am requesting explanations/opinions/knowledge/recommendations-  I read a similar post awhile back and  seek additional clarification. Thank you.


@jeffstrick   You ask how power cords can have sound.  They cannot.  Unless someone here comes along and tells me how it all works.


@ghdprentice     I can only think they had a bad day at the factory when they made one of the cords.

Not power cord related, although it involves timing- why are the windings in inductors and voice coils never mentioned as causing timing errors then? There are relatively vast differences in wire lengths between even a common 4.7mH inductor, a woofer's voice coil and the few wraps in a tweeter voice coil in a two way speaker. I've never met a vendor mentioning the timing variances about this, although again relative to the speed of light or electricity it also wouldn't be much.

An old friend of mine-a very talented audio engineer-a guy who has been designing and building A-List tube and ss gear since the 1980’s-told me that without question, the most important specs for any power cord is that it be minimum 14AWG, and long enough to reach an AC outlet.



I have always heard that all cords, especially interconnects and speaker cables should be as short as possible with the exception of power cords that benefit from being longer. I wouldn't go crazy beyond a few meters though.