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Gallium Nitride GaN Class D Amplifiers
A while back I asked John Stronczer at Bel Canto about the GAN amplifier modules. His take was the folks at Hypex have a lot of experience with, and have done a lot of research with the NCore modules, and if there was an advantage to the GAN’s the... 
Rogue Audio hard to resell, has it fallen out of favor ?
This is a silly post. Rogue Audio builds world class gear and sells it at sane prices. No, it’s not audio jewelry but its performance, where it counts, is consistently better than its direct competition. I should also note that it has been my expe... 
Lumin Hifi Rose or Aurender
I compared my HifiRose RS150B to the Lumin T3. Everything the same except swapping out one streamer/dac for another. Both are great pieces of gear, but in addition to the Rose offering way more flexibility and features, I also preferred it’s tonal... 
You’re An Independent Dealer, Which Companies And What Products Would You Represent?
Bel Canto Design and Rogue Audio to name two.  
Any Advice for those Listening to Youtube Reviewers?
As with anything, take the opinion of others with a grain of salt. Only your preferences matter, not someone else's subjective thoughts based on their listening environment with their components. Just my two cents worth....  
What speaker could safely be ordered without hearing it first?
Help chosing an integated amp
Rogue Audio Pharaoh 2 with NOS 12AU7’s will get you close to what’s achievable for less than $5k. Great phono stage as a bonus. Add a good DAC/streamer and you are there.   
CD Transport with XLR Out
Bel Canto CD3T  
CD Transport with XLR Out
Bel Canto CD3T  
Aurender A15 or N200 with Mac C2700
  👍♥♥♥👍   lewl28 OP Agreed about digital being able to rival analog.   I ended up with an Esoteric N-01XD.  I find myself no longer putting albums on the turntable.      
user poll on seperates vs integrated
In my opinion, regardless of whether it's an integrated, or separates, it all starts with the power supply. Assuming it's overbuilt and done well, separates have their own discrete power supplies, with mono amps or true dual mono designs being the... 
Sold a component and bought it back, am I nuts?
Nope. Been there and done that a couple of times (but ultimately sold it again). Never was about making money. Strictly objects of desire.  
Streaming Dac $5000-8000
Bel Canto E1X DAC/Preamp/Streamer (includes phono too!)  
What's the best EL84 amp?
Fender Blues Jr.  
Power cord length