Power Cord Review

I'm going to be performing power cord review for www.stereotimes.com. First review will be Power Cord shoot-out for power cords under $600. Power cords to be reviewed in initial article are following.
Harmonic Tech. PRO AC 11
Audio Magic Sorcerer
VooDoo Mana
Shunyata Sidewinder
ZuCable Birth
Acoustic Zen Krakatoa(over $600 but will be used as reference)
Acoustic Zen Tsunami
Custom Power Cord Co Model 11

I also was thinking about reviewing BMI Black Eel and Whale Elite(considering affordable price of Whale on Audiogon) and
"Absolute Power Cord" considering amount of controversy surrounding later cord on Audiogon discussions.

I was wondering should I exclude any of above cords from review(not enough interest for them, or they do not belong in the budget group) and did I miss any good contenders in that group. Any feedback will be highly appreciated and lead to the more usefull review.
Leon Rivkin
I suggest including the Synergistic Research Master Coupler. It is a standard of sorts and one of the most popular PCs ever-- in fact it probably set the standard for aftermarket power cords. At $325. it is still one of the best on the market. I've never even heard of some of those you've listed above. Cheers. Craig.
There are a lot of good Vansevers power cords under your price limit. You should also include a standard 14 AWG black cord from the Hardware store as a control.
Sugarbrie: Point well taken about standart 14 AWG cord although I would not be reintroducing them in to the whole system. About VansEvers - I have quite a few of their PC's incuding Double Pandora and although I personaly enjoy that cord a lot but I'm limited to about 8-12 pages of text and rather try to cover "hot" newcommeres(A lot of people semm to have questions about them). I might do it in another review after I finish second round dedicated to higher priced PCs. By the way estimated time to finish is about 1.5-2 month. Thanks to all people for posts.
Leon Rivkin
lcat: i do hope you get a spellchecker or rely on a good proofreader before you submit your review for publication. BTW, on what component(s) will you do your comparison? -kelly
Cornfedboy: look at my post starting with "let me enclose some additional information" 5 posts above this one.