Power cords for Dell computer and Mackie speakers

In my PC system, I'm using a Dell PC feeding a Nuforce Icon via USB. The Icon's headphone amp is then feeding two Mackie speakers (since Mackies are powered, I'm using the headphone amp so as not to blow the speakers).

I have upgraded the power supply to the Icon. Now, I'm looking for power cord recommendations for the Mackies and also for the Dell.

Any suggestions? I can live with spending $1,500-ish for all three power cords together. The Dell's cord will only need to be 1 meter; the Mackies will need 1.5 meters.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Save yourself about $1,300 and build some like the ones I have. Search on this site for "DIY power cord".

Since the Dell uses a big, noisy switch-mode PS, I don't think there's much of a point in spending good money on a power cord for it - use whatever came in the box. As for the Mackie powered speakers the power cord should be the last of your concerns - having repaired several of them over the years, my best advice would be to replace/modify the stock power supply entirely; there's bigger problems lying in wait inside that seemingly innocuous enclosure. Good luck.