Power cords for Electrostats

Looking for opinions on replacing power cords on Innersound
Electrostats with after market cords.I have a music room,with a dedicated service to the panel.No sources of RF interference.Is there any sonic advantage to replacing the standard power cords.
There are always advantages to sound using after market verses production cable. Are you using after market PC on your other components? If so, you could swap and hear for yourself,any advantages in sound......
I have Innersound Eros MKII wich I dont actually have in my set up anymore, but when I changed the crappy stock cords to Tekline power cables (Eclipse) it made a nice improovement, trust your own ears, these cords were had for $50.00 I think they normally list for $150.00 so dont get fooled into super expensive cords, atleast without serious and money back audition.
I put DIY VH Audio power cords on my Quad 988's, and it made a noticeable improvement, opening up the sound some (they were "flatter" with the stock cords). My PC's were grounded, but the grounds didn't likely do much since the Quad receptacles are ungrounded.