Power SWITCH source? Also: 10AWG vs 83803?

I'm thinking through a dedicated power line scheme, and have stumbled upon the Asylum threads re Belden 83803 12/3AWG for PCs, as well heard from the esteemed Crump re his preference for individual runs of cheap 10AWG for digital and analog dedicated lines.
My idea is to run one dedicated line to a dangling junction box comprising two duplex ACME outlets, one to be SWITCHED, so that PCs attached to that duplex can feed my basement mounted monos, and be controlled in the listening room. The remainng duplex would be unswitched, to feed the CDP and pre 24/7 close by the rack. The PCs would then be 6 footers, except maybe 18-20 ft for the left mono.
Would you guys use single or double lines? Belden 83803 or 10AWG? And should the PCs be simple DIY Belden-based 14AWG, or maybe that 12AWG tinned 83803? (especially if I have to buy 100 ft roll--I might as well use it throughout, eh?)
Anyway...any sources for a good switch (toe-operable, if possible!) to control the monos' duplex? Seems like a $2 Home Depot SPST is insufficient? Thanks. Ernie
Guess I'll ttalk to myself....
Found a nice 30amp double-pole Leviton switch for $10 at HD today, as well some $0.27/ft 12-2Romex. Outdoor double-duplex boxes ($7) look good enough for living room use.
Now to get those ACME silver-tipped outlets, and set up two dedicated cheap lines.
Now what to use for PCs? 83803 DIY, DIY Audio Asylum 14AWG, or Crump's actual TG cables?? Help!
Subaruguru, The reason behind the cheap 10ga Romex is all the inductance and this is a free line filter....Sounds like you found a good switch!
Thanks, Bob. I misstated the gauge above; I just spent two friggin hours manipulating cable and jumpers of TEN-2AWG into that junction box with the double-pole (I wired both legs) and the hosp grade outlet. Simply forgot how damned stiff 10AWG solid copper is!
Well, one down, one to go!
Thanks again. Ern
PS I through the hot lead through the switch, rather than the laege-spade ground. Maybe doesn't matter which?
In my own system I prefer the Romex 12 awg;much more natural sounding.I use the 10awg Romex only on digital. At first 10awg is very impressive(this is the reason most audio store use it)everything sound bigger than life.And finally every Romex has is own sound !...and it is free.