Powered speakers - Kanto YU4 vs. AudioEngine A5+ - My first steps into your world

I recently got a new turntable (Audio-Technica AT-LP120X) with a built-in phono preamp and I'm now planning to finally buy my first pair of real (active) speakers (I'm used to listening to Logitech Z333 PC speakers, you're gonna hate me). My budget is around 400$ (340€), which is why I'm currently considering to buy one of these:

  • Kanto YU4
  • AudioEngine A5+
I tend to go for the former because of the variety of input possibilities (also like the Bluetooth connectivity here, but that could also be replaced by e.g. a Chromecast Audio). However, I'm not sure if they can keep up with the A5+ in terms of sound quality.
Could you help me? Has anyone heard them both? Of course I am also open for completely different suggestions :)

By the way: I live in Europe, especially the YU4 are not really easy to get here. The A5+ are more widespread and therefore also easy to get second-hand at good prices, which is why they would also fit into my budget (not their Wireless version, however).

I had the KANTO YU-5s, the predecessor to the current YU-6 model.
i bought them brand new because their sonic performance were a notch above the AUDIOENGINE A5+ in my A-B shootout experience.

why change?

I sold the KANTOs and bought the the made-in-France TRIANGLE SENSA SN03As after I auditioned these active speakers at a dealer.
The active TRIANGLEs also have the phono preamp, assorted inputs, Bluetooth, etc. as standard .

(1) IMO, they are another notch above the KANTOs for music . They have a larger soundstage, overall dynamics and bass slam.

(2) My first set of KANTOs failed catastrophically suddenly after 1 month , and were replaced by KANTO cheerfully. The replacements operated without further issues for the next 2+ years when I sold them.

(3) Summary: the KANTOs are good in their own right, but the TRIANGLEs are better IMO.

Highly recommended ...go audition them. I run them in my “D” system along with a subwoofer in a 2.1 setup system with a smile.

PS They also have a smaller “01A” model FWIW ....