Pre-amp Gain, Too much?

I have Audible Illusions M3. Those of you familiar with this pre-amp know that's its got LOTS of gain. With my current amp -CJMV-52, I'm rarely past 7:30/8, on the volume pots. I know that other amps with higher input sensitivty are going to give me some more room to play with, but my question is this: Am I limiting this Pre's abilities with this set-up?(Such low volume settings) Any ideas/help? Thanks Peter
it wood depend on thje specs of the wolume pot - some have less distortion when wide-open, others are pretty much the same thru-out their range. i'd ask the mfr. my melos preamp also has tons-o-gain, the mfr asures me there's no difference in sound quality, tho he did say some folks have padded down their wolume pots w/resistors, cuz they yust feel mor comfortable w/the controls set at 12-1 o'clock...
I once owned an Audio Research LS-1 that also had too much gain. The factory faxed me a diagram with instructions on how to sever a solder trace which reduced output about 3db across the board. This helped somewhat. Good Luck!